Snow day

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24 this morning with a light breeze.
Another ice formation in the pan. These form better in rainwater than tap water.


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Hey Hi this anywhere near you?
Hey Hi this anywhere near you?
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The main drag. On the left is the Egyptian theater, home of "the mighty Wurlitzer". It was built in the early 20's I think. The Wurlitzer, even back then I think, was over $20,000. Not bad for a little podunk logging town. I went downtown about 4 in the afternoon and there was hardly any traffic. The roads were both slushy and bare. Trucks plowed the main roads. It's amazing that 5 to 7 inches of snow can shut down a city. We have lots of little hills and small roads. It would be easier to drive if it was all flat.
Yup, that's 3 miles from me.

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