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Parents didn’t tolerate nonsense back then. Grandparents were even worse. I can remember acting up in the grocery store and gettin a smack across the face. You couldn’t say nothin, you just had to take it. Grams just put you in your place, you just had to suck it up and shut up. If you dared say anything you got told ‘You wanna cry, I’ll give you a reason to cry’ and another smack. Those were the good ol days. Lol
We know how old you are. 😁
Do you think the world would be better if that was still the way things were done?

....yeah, me too.
Yes, yes I do!!

Chris nailed it. Moms & grandmas didn’t tolerate the BS back then. I believe everyone had one of those giant wooden spoons on their wall that kept us kids in line.

Funny how I don’t remember anyone identifying as a cat when I was a kid??
Saw this bumper sticker and thought that has to be the single quickest way to get honked at and flipped off. How else you gonna know your driving sucks if everyone you meet smiles and waves to you.

51 former intelligence officials ...............

are as crooked as crooked gets.

Why do you suppose they NEED to peddle this misinformation to get a particular individual elected?
.......couldn't win otherwise? Just guessing.
On another note, did you see the press conference by the house oversight committee yesterday about Hunter's 20 different LLCs and the information garnered from 4 banks, showing payments of $10 million dollars to personal bank accounts of Biden family members.
This is only from 4 of the 12 different banks that Hunters LLC'S used.
The oversight committee has requested financial records from the other 8 banks.
That will be an interesting egg hunt too. Maybe the committee will show the contents or correspondence between the banks and the FBI, showing what was described in the 250 suspicious activity reports that were sent to the FBI.
You didn't see this on the news last night? 😱
... don't feel bad, because they didn't report on this boring story.
You have to bring your kids up with the mindset that this young kid has. You certainly wouldn't just turn a kid that young and loose on a mower because you think it would look cute. Daddy said he had lap time so you know that kid had a lot of rides with Dad and you can tell that his Dad instructed him quite well. I thought it was very impressive, he looked like a pro especially the way he blew off the grass clippings from the porch and the furniture.