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Laundry day at the mat, and words of wisdom from anonymous poet.

Hey ! Should I scratch out ‘ should ‘ and replace it with Could ? 😜


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Chart of the Day:

The USA puts 10.5 TRILLION dollars a year on the credit card at ~3% "processing fees" on top of interest and potential late fees of around $160 billion. So from what I found the transactions fees NET of those "cash back" gimmicks are generating about the same $$$ as interest and penalty fees combined.

To me playing the whole rewards/cash back game is comparable to clipping coupons at the market or paying for club memberships. Gotta admit THAT is one of the reasons I shop at Walmart. I dont need any stupid memberships or chasing around and collecting coupons to get a reasonably market price. I refuse to shop at any of the local supermarkets that has one price for "club members" and then an absurd price if you don't show the token or give them your phone number. Why do Americans love these stupid gimmicks and ridiculous, crooked financial rackets?
Lucky 🍀 #7 is Hillaryious 😜….had a little insomnia the past few nights and found myself watching ‘ The Late Show ‘ Man O Man Stephen Colbert’s freedom of speech has been Hillaryiously 😜 brutal.

It’s a Witch Hunt 😂 and Fake News 😝but when you play with fire, somebody usually gets burnt.

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