Tile Installation Issue

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Mark F

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Dec 28, 2019
I had a contractor install a wood look tile on a concrete floor. The tile is awesome. Ditra and kapra used where needed. However, the installer edged the tile almost to the baseboard. Then, and I don't know why, they grouted the edge between the tile and baseboard. about 3/8 of an inch of the baseboard is now locked into the grout. What was a fairly easy removal of the baseboard task has become more intensive. I was planning on just installing the baseboard and toe board on the level tile.
Does anyone have a hack on how to cut out the baseboard even with the surface of the tile? I could use an oscillating tool, but that might take days. Any other tools that I could use.
This was cheap wood baseboard and with the upgrade in the room I was just planning to replace it.
Thanks for the assist.
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