Gas prices going nuts

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I'm seeing regular unleaded signs with a 6-handle...................everywhere. Cheapest gas around that I'll use is the Circle K @$5.75 a gallon. They're also the cheapest place to get my beer. I wont go to the no-name stations. I've had trouble with my credit cards showing up in Las Vegas and the motor has in the past made ugly noises after using "USA" type stations.

I go to Costco----about 2-3 times a month. It's 4 8 mile round trip uses half a gallon in my F150. (almost $3 to make that trip) So IF I'm at the Costco AND there's not so long a line I'll squeak in there to hopefully save a couple bucks. But now that I drive the truck so seldom most times I'm there the tank is already full. I'm not the guy who tops off the tank. In fact I firmly believe I hold the world record for running out of gas.
One station in town has dropped to $4.39.....
If it drops any further, they might just as well be giving it away.
Light Sweet Crude oil is down over $20 a barrrel from its recent peak over $95

Temporary cease fire in Gaza and NATO signaling capitulation in Ukraine appears to be lowering the risk premium.
$4.47 a gallon for regular. Boy, this president is sure making our economy better. The guy before him had gas prices at $2.29.

Light Sweet Crude Futures.PNG
Problem is in 2008, barrel of oil was $150, but yet we still had gas for $1.99 a gallon.
What I recall, but I didn't recall the date was filling up my Astro van and it was over $100 . And my recollection was it was a fairly sudden price leap. So I have to use historical charts to fill details. If national price was ~$4 no doubt Los Angeles area was over $5 and that's also consistent with my recollection.

National Retail Gasoline Price 1994 to current.PNG
I just traveled a few hundred miles so I looked at gas prices vs '23 receipts. We're about a buck off the recent high prices. I didn't do a deep dive, just a brief glance but it's down from like $5.49 to around $4.39. Really does make a difference nowadays where you gas up. For the many years I was driving many hundreds of miles a week and thousands a month it wasn't common to find more than a nickle difference and those were always the pumps right off the freeway exits. So the opportunity to save money wasn't really exciting when you're not even buying a can of cheap beer with your savings and you had to drive a mile to collect. I drive way, way, way less and mostly we use the wife's Honda Pilot that gets ~27 MPG. Again, no big savings unless we're traveling out of town somewheres.

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