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New Member
Sep 13, 2023
New Jersey
Stumbled across this forum looking for answers to some flooring questions. Starting on a project so today I went to my "go to" long time flooring store/installers here in NJ for help only to find them closed down.

I grew up installing laminate flooring and drop ceilings with my grandpop who was a painter/handyman. Really came in handy as we bought a 125 year old house that we have been in for 41 years now.
I have done laminate and sheet vinyl in the house b4 and my most recent adventure was installing engineered hardwood in our family room.

Glad to be a member. Tks, Ken
Thanks for joining up. I started in flooring the day after HS graduation and worked with my grandfather. He was a great teacher in many aspects of the business.
Welcome Ken, how did the project go ? Got any pictures.

hey ! Speaking of Daris !
Hey Daris how are you ? I Haven’t seen any posts lately.
Living the dream. Most of the summer has been spent cleaning up and emptying a house I took back. What a mess!! Then we had a hail storm go through the town and most roofs have to be replaced and siding. My car got $19,500 worth of damages it only had 3000 miles on it. That was on July 20th. We are now been told we may get it back at the end of the month or the first part of Oct. There wasn't a panel that wasn't damaged, it even knocked off a mirror. I was driving when the storm hit. I picked up a stone that was 3 1/2" across. The stones were so dense 4 hours later they hadn't completely melted yet. So that ha been my summer and start of the fall. So in the next couple weeks everything so go back to normal-whatever that is.
Was that the biggest hailstorm ever, since the horse and buggy days 😜
Well it was the biggest I have ever seen. Even went through my buggy roof and wounded my horse. Horse went to the hospital and should be release at the end of the month or first part of October, the buggy roofs are going to be replaced, and the side boards are going to be replaced also. Oh and a window on the horse barn is being replaced also.

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