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From February last year, another fun one.


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It's a 16 oz Oscar Meyer tub from the lunch meat section 😁 I wouldn't fit 🤣
They're called ice spikes. Not real common and form best in rainwater. Twice a month apart was pretty neat.
It's probably a lot more than an inch high.
Google ice spikes
Why are their women so ugly?
It's called plumage dimorphism. It's pretty common among a lot of bird species. The male will generally use their plumage to attract available mates. With many male birds being territorial, the brighter, vibrant colors tell the female that the male has a good and stable food supply in his territory. You see this a lot in male Northern Cardinals for example. The more vibrant the feathers, the better the bird has been eating. Animals are pretty similar in a lot of ways to people, I guess. There are gold diggers even in the bird world. :) :)

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