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Mated pair of Blue-winged Teals...

EM Blue Winged Teal fb 1.JPG
I'm thinking no, but it looks young, or if it's a female they might not look like the males.
Whatever it is, I wouldn't want it grabbing me.


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I don't think so, although birds can have a genetic mutation called depigmentation. Basically, with each molting they become whiter and whiter. Many people tend to refer to this as leucistic when they see a white or depigmented bird, I've recently learned that this is usually incorrect and the scientific experts who study this mutation would prefer the more general term of depigmented. Leucistic coloration is a very specific genetic mutation and different than albinism as the birds generally don't have other health issues related to albinism.

I caught a depigmented Sparrow at a local county park and was asked to submit it to the scientific group who studies these issues in birds, so I got "educated" by the group. :)

My bird ID app (Merlin) is guessing that this is possibly a white Hawk, which are more common in Central America although they might venture into the Southwestern U.S. Since I don't know where the picture was taken that could be correct. I don't think it's an Osprey as the head shape doesn't look correct either. It's also possible it could be a snowy owl, but the coloration and the head shape don't look right. Wish we could see the front, that would give us some more clues. :)

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