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'nother french fry stealer...

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My kitty cat...Tig...
I adopted him about 3 weeks ago and he's already doing photo shoots with me. :)

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I find Tig scary.

I've never felt comfortable around cats. That is a very handsome creature. It's a story my grandmother told me about a neighborhood cat sneaking in to her house when they were having the wake for her dad. Those days the wake was right in the home where all the guests could pay respects. I don't think they had the money or the technology to keep the body very long. Seems like the cat jumped up and sat atop the casket somehow staring out at the humans...................she was a little girl at the time and was traumatized for life. They were simple folk from the Old Country filled with---------and still confused about their pagan traditions mixed with the Serbian Orthodox religions.

Anyways, I still like the neighborhood cats. They keep their distance, drink from my pool, keep away the critters. Every once in a while the immediate neighbors cat will sprawl out on our lawn chair, like he owns the place. He usually just looks at us funny when we try to shoo him away.
I had the stomach flu over the weekend, and he was my constant companion. I woke up yesterday and I was laying on my side. He had his head on my head with his nose about 1/2" away from my ear. He snores a bit, probably because he's a bit "Chonky", so it sounded like a cement mixer laying next to my ear. He was sound asleep. It's basically like waking up with a sandbag laying on you.

He definitely loves to cuddle for sure. He's got the most loving disposition of any cat we've ever had. The only thing he really doesn't like is to be held. He'll tolerate it from me, but if my wife or my daughter pick him up, he starts trying to squirm loose from them right away. Most cats, if you try and pet or scratch their belly will defend and try and bite your hand to keep you from touching them there. Not Tig, he stretches out and rolls on his back and lays there like, Ahhhh! That feels great.

We're trying to train him to let us put him on a leash and go for a walk. I'm also thinking about getting one of those "cat packs". That's a backpack made for an animal to ride in it. and taking him on hikes with me. He's a pretty friendly cat. He doesn't really meow. He can but he just makes a quiet little "meep" sound most of the time instead of a full on meow. Of course his favorite thing is his food bowl. As soon as he can see the slightest silver coming through the bottom of his food, He's out of food in his opinion and he needs more ASAP!
I shared this Red Tailed Hawk to a local photography club that I belong to. I just received a message that it's been selected for their pages cover photo this week, and they have also submitted it into a contest where it will be seen by over 200k people. It's only $200 if I win, but made me feel good that other photographers thought it was worthy to submit. :)

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