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To each their own. 😁


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I saw on the news that some Ukrainian sniper dropped a Russian solder at almost 2 1/2 miles. The solder never seen it coming-my little funny. Now that is one hell of a telescope and rifle to be able to do that. The sniper holds the record now for the longest hit.
Some Left-wing group is wanting to change the name of the Cooper hawk. Somehow they find it racist.
O-Boy we have another situation on top of many others 😳 and they will keep on coming when Progress is the motivation, of Progressives 😉 Stirring up the pot usually ruffles the Coopers Hawks feathers 😜Darn freedom of speech, we need to do something about that, like maybe allow it to be as it is and address there concerns.

Back on birding ! Hey CFR, have you taken a picture of all the 12 birds from the Twelve days of Christmas song ? 😝
Holy smokes.... When's your calendar coming out? 😱
Those are fantastic. Even with my big lens and converter.......... birds hardly ever appeared, let alone show themselves in such nice form.
How's this hobby doing for you physically and mentally? Normally I'd never ask something this personal, but I already know the answer. 😁

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