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My dad told me one time about getting snow here in Missouri on July 4th. I know several years ago, we were doing a craft show on the 4th outside and it was really cold.
Good idea for hidden storage.

The wind here for the past two weeks has been a steady 12 to 20. It would be nice seeing something that mellow.
The bay has whitecaps and rollers all day and into the evening.
A windsurfers dream.
....not so for us normal people.
My brother gets exercise walking along a dike a half mile away. He usually tries to head out around high tide.
He keeps track of the geese their habits and when the youngin's hatch. There were quite a bunch this year. The little ones look full grown now. They slowly walk into the water when he approaches them. I've never gone with him on the hikes, so I only observe from the road as I head to town.
We have an over population of geese here. Anywhere there’s grass and fresh water seem to be their favorite spots. They’re cute and all but with the large flocks the poop becomes a bit of a mess around the lakes and golf courses… Don’t wear your good shoes…😎
Mother Nature ! Destruction, Beauty, and in-between.

I never went through a nasty fog storm before until last Wed. Morning in Pittsburgh area. Had to pick up my nephew. Anyway, the beauty leading into the fog was breathtaking. I was traveling at 65 mph on a highway so no opportunity for photo. Also while traversing on a mountainous road I went under an amazing bridge. I’ll try to get its name and maybe post a photo. Between Mother Nature and man/woman made objects, I’m so grateful to have working eyes.

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