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Volcano cloud

Tarkett sunset 001.jpg

Tarkett sunset 007.jpg

Tarkett sunset 009.jpg

Tarkett sunset 010.jpg
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Hand Distressed???? What, do they have a bunch of guys with hammers, beating on them just before they get boxed?:)

You look loaded for bear. A good sign.

Nice pictures of the clouds!
Yup, distressed and hand scraped right before they get the finish. Such a great engineered hardwood there are unknowns out there making imitations right down to the printing on the box.

I am a cloud person as well. That pic with the ray shooting out of the clouds was very special.
The cloud to the lower right is kinda lit up like a rainbow. It didn't turn out as colorful in the picture. You'll see these now and then, some much nicer than this one.

If ya see that rainbow thingy to the right, sometimes look the same distance from the sun to the left to see another one.

Here's some iridescence that I saw probably 20+ years ago coming back to town from up the Smith River, north of me. I pulled off the road and took the image, so the bottom and sides of the image are dark because of the low hills and trees down by the road and river. The upper part is dark because the clouds were very intense above this bright area. Very unusual occurrence, and I wish that I had been up a lot higher on the mountains so that I could have seen the entire right to left view of the sky without those trees blocking the side to side view.

FH000020 Smith River iridescense_filtered 750.jpg
That home is just a huge playhouse on the old 99 freeway from LA to San Francisco. It was a great little oasis near Bakersfield, and charged the kids a few bucks to go play in it. They also had a huge free petting zoo, and a fantastic restaurant.
I looked at the photo before seeing the caption and thought it looked a bit like a covered bridge.
Here's a couple more sunsets for Darol. I have some others, but still lookin. They're in the computer somewhere. :confused:

RandyLi-R4-048-22A Stacked saucers sunset greenflash cropped_filtered 800.jpg

RandyLi-R4-052-24A stacked saucers sunset cropped_filtered 800.jpg

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